our story

We believe that every person involved in the process of delivering excellent coffee matters, which is why we buy our raw coffee from a company that cares about the farmer who grows what you’re drinking. Not only does our supplier help growers navigate the complexities of international business; but they also hire agricultural experts to assist the farmer in maintaining a flourishing farm. If you’d like to hear more about where we get our coffee beans, click here to see one of our supplier’s many projects.

But ethically sourcing our beans is not enough for us. We have a bigger goal than bringing you that fantastic drink at a price that makes both of us happy. So instead of being just a great coffee roasting company, we’re a non-profit, committed to bringing you perfection in a cup and thinking about every person who has a hand in that process.

We discovered that in and around our hometown of Grand Ledge, Michigan, lots of folks with an artist’s enthusiasm for creating delicious flavors don’t get a real chance to learn how. There just aren’t enough direct pathways for someone with a passion for food to learn the craft and train with experts. And sometimes circumstances make the “normal” route - a college education and/or a long career of fighting your way up the ladder in the food industry - a path that’s impossible. That’s sad for them because they don’t get to do what they were born to do. It’s sad for us because we don’t get to taste the product of their artistic genius.

At Rudy Baggs, we offer a track that takes someone from having no skills in the coffee roasting world to being well on the way to making a thriving living, doing what they love to do. First we provide complete training. Then we add portable, stackable certifications that they can take and use anywhere they go. The next step is an apprenticeship, that lets them learn the art of excellent coffee roasting alongside a Master Roaster. Because let’s face it. Reading about how to perfect a roast and watching someone else do it just isn’t going to end up in that Rudy Baggs excellence. It takes work and practice, practice, practice. At the end of a few weeks, they’re ready to move on - equipped with new training and experience in a career that brings everyone caffeinated joy.

We all about real people, real opportunities, and really good coffee. So drink up! You’re sipping on coffee with a conscience.