Our coffee

No, this is not the part where we give away secrets. This is where we talk about what makes Rudy Baggs coffee so good. Every time you drink it.

A couple years ago, we met this guy named Rob Flanders who owned a small local coffee roasting company. Rob is a genius for uncovering incredible flavors without making it a mystical, snobbish affair. He says it’s all about finding the taste you like and then drinking it while the roast is super, super fresh. (Before you ask how old is too old… If you’ve had a bag of our coffee for more than two weeks, it’s past its prime. Buy some new stuff and drink it faster next time.)

Lo and behold, Rob had the same philosophy about people that we do (check out Our Story to read more about that); so after we got to know each other, we said, “Hey, let’s do this together!” Rudy Baggs merged into our non-profit, with Rob as our Master Roaster. And wow… is he good!

It all starts with the raw bean. We get quality coffee from all around the world through a supplier that makes sure their farmers get not just fair prices for their crops, but also the agricultural and business support they need in a highly competitive industry.

Next, it’s about the actual flavors our that Master Blender and Roaster selects. Many years of research, testing and tasting are behind our relatively new enterprise. Whether you choose a single-source coffee (like our Sumatra) or a unique blend (like our Spoon Bender), the flavor will blow you away. If you aren’t one of those people who tastes a thousand flavor nuances, you’re gonna love it. If you are one of those people who picks up a hint of your great aunt’s apple cinnamon pie two seconds after your first sip, you’re gonna love it.

Then, the roast. Every roast is tailored to the type of bean we’re handling. We also roast in small batches so we can we watch it like a hawk, make real time adjustments when necessary, and get the same exquisite result every time.

Part of the flavor secret, though, happens at home. Have we mentioned fresh? Once you have your Rudy Baggs coffee in hand, go to it! If you need some tips on how to brew at home, don’t miss our guide on how to brew. We’ll walk you through the process, whether you’re using a standard coffee pot, a Keurig, a French press, or the pour-over method. We’ve got you covered.

Warning: Rudy Baggs will activate your taste buds. It is likely that you will never again be excited about coffee from the gas station.